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CNC Fabrication




Production at JET is facilitated by the use of Computer Numerically Controlled precision routers. CNC programming is used as a method of telling a router exactly where and how deep to cut a sheet of flat stock material. This allows us to fabricate custom parts to exacting specifications with tight tolerances.

Materials which can be fabricated include polyethylene, ABS, high impact poly styrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, engineered plastics, wood and wood composites and most other flat stock materials. The stock material can be up to 5 inches thick measuring 60 X 120 inches. The routers can also be programmed to use any combination of up to 8 different drills, milling tools, or engraving bits interchangeably during a production run.

Different types of parts that have been manufactured include access doors, marine interior and exterior assemblies, seating substrates, acrylic assemblies, sink covers, and storage compartments. We also fabricate custom, ready to assemble kits for multiple purposes in several markets. JET has catered to industries including marine, medical trades, mass transit, recreational vehicle, food preparation and many others.