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The engineering department and staff here at JET Technologies are on the cutting edge of custom design and computer integrated manufacturing. The engineering department is equipped with high-speed processors, digitizers, scanners and current CAD software providing support for multiple digital files. The most current industry software for our CNC routers ensures the accuracy and functionality of each part produced.

Engineers at JET use a process which starts with 2 dimensional graphics gathered through the use of digitizers, scanners, or CAD supplied information. This data is then numerically converted to a CNC database and used to program a our machines to cut flat stock materials. This process allows for the fabrication of nearly any custom part with extreme precision to fit the tightest of tolerances. Our fully integrated and technology driven engineering department is backed by qualified, professional personnel, who oversee projects from start to finish.

Engineers at JET Technologies are skilled in custom product design and consultation, allowing one-on-one contact with an engineer during any phase of development.