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Advanced Search Tips

Our website search engine allows you to do a keyword search of our entire website.

When doing a keyword search, you can separate words and phrases by AND or OR. For example, you can enter Microsoft AND mouse. This search would generate results that have both words in them. However, if you type in mouse OR keyboard, you will get a list of pages that have both or either words in them. If words are not separated by AND or OR, search will default to the logical search operator "OR", meaning that ANY and ALL keywords matches will be displayed. You can also use the syntax "+this -that" which would return all matches containing "this" but NOT containing "that".

You can also search for exact matches of words by enclosing them in quotes. For example, if you search for "notebook computer", you will get a list of products that have that exact string in them.

Brackets can be used to control the order of the logical operations. For example, you can enter Microsoft and (keyboard or mouse or "Bill Gates").